Working Towards an Informed, Safe and Engaged Community

The Carbon Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to advocate for, defend and educate socio-economically disadvantaged communities by providing resources and information; giving The People the power to decide and control the destiny of their community.


Our goal is to bring about a world where these communities are wholly Informed, intrinsically safe and civically engaged.

Why The Name?
We chose the name Carbon Academy because 'Academy' speaks to what we do and 'Carbon' alludes to who we are. The word 'academy' reminds us that we are an organization comprised of individuals from all backgrounds of study who believe that knowledge is power. Our members are skilled in many areas including but not limited to education, health, jurisprudence and criminal justice. As a collective, our experiences, knowledge and efforts help to bring about solutions- solutions that the neglected and oppressed neighborhoods have long waited for. 

The 'carbon' in Carbon Academy draws inspiration from the chemical element. It is carbon that gives melanin its ability to absorb energy and bind with other molecules while retaining stability and coherence. Furthermore,
carbon is the primary component for ALL Life. These truths remind Us of Our ultimate goal which is to provide communities with the power it needs to succeed.


We look forward to the progress that we will make as a  collective.

Thank you for your interest, time and support. The Carbon Academy thanks you!

 - The Council (Board of Directors)


NOTICE: Our plans, programs and events pages are still under construction and will be available shortly. 


Some Info About Us